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Course Overview

This is a dual Holistic health and wellness coach certificate course,  Holistic Health and Wellness coach and Holistic Weight Loss Practitioner Coaching Certified Courses.

Health and Wellness is the world’s No 1 fastest growing Niche that is gaining popularity with people constantly battling with how they feel, how they look, finding fulfillment, looking for where they belong in a world that is so driven by material goods and superficial contentment.

People are now looking for others to help and guide them to looking internally for what’s missing and assistance in putting the pieces together. Holistic health and wellness coach are sought out globally.

Is This Course Right For You?

Our Holistic health and wellness coach dual coaching program, is for individuals who wish to specialize in the area of Holistic Health – our Holistic Weight Loss program addresses all areas for the client – no one person can find peace, fulfillment, passion, health, wellness without addressing the whole being!

We address –Mind, Body, and Spirit in our clients, as we recognize that all areas are essential to be successful in obtaining and being able to sustain a healthier, more active, and successful lifestyle.

The recognition of the emotional causes behind the reasons your clients have come to see you are fundamental to seeing your client – not just seeing the presenting problem.

Holistic Health & Wellness and Holistic Weight Loss Certificate Program is for you if you are passionate about helping others, perhaps you are already a Complementary Therapist and looking for new ways to assist your clients or you are ready to embark on an amazing career as a Holistic Therapist.

Therefore if you are already involved in the health and wellness industry either as a Complementary Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Product Retailer, and looking to take you to practice to a new level or add a specialist or professional accreditation to your modality this Holistic health and wellness coach course is probably perfect for you.

If you’re someone wanting to enter this area and have a personal interest in Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss this Life Coaching course will provide you with all the necessary insights and training you will need to start your Holistic business.

About This Course

Our course is offered online so you can study at a flexible pace. It’s an easy-to-follow, progressive step-by-step curriculum to understanding all the dimensions of wellness.

Throughout each module, we look at the various elements of Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss.  Yes, it’s a very comprehensive course, with lots to cover, but don’t worry you will never be on your own with Julie, Colin, and the Natura team always here to help you.

How Will Our Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Certificate Program Benefit You?

  • You will become a results role model as you go through the program yourself.
  • We show you how to balance work and life and actually live with less stress while becoming your best in every area of your life.
  • When you finish this course you walk away with two Certificates that are valid in 26 countries, plus done-for-you resources that make it easy for you to begin your career as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach/Holistic Weight Loss Coach.
  • You also receive ongoing personal and professional development support that sets you up for success!

Who Might Your Clients Be:

  • Your clients are living a stress-filled imbalanced life that is causing them to burn out in so many ways.  They turn to unhealthy habits to keep them going which only perpetuates the cycle.
  • Struggle with competing priorities and feel less than good enough at any of them which is impacting every area of their life
  • Work in a career or business that demands more of their “after-work” time and they fear saying no or setting boundaries because they need the income
  • Are living a chaotic stress-filled life just to stay one step ahead which is negatively impacting their relationship and health
  • Can’t remember the last time they enjoyed going to work and it’s impacting their home life
  • Started a business to have more freedom but have less time and more stress
  • Secretly just want to escape to an island where no one can find them
  • Burnt out – overwhelm has set in
  • Want to get in touch with their spiritual side – and don’t know where to start
  • Need more free time
  • Want to find their passion in life
  • Are asking the big questions “Who am I” and “What is my purpose”
  • There will be many more reasons, you can however Niche your program to suit areas that you are passionate about or already working in.
Upon Completion
On completion of this Holistic Health & Wellness Dual Certificate Course Online, you will be provided with a Certificate Like an example directly below:
When Should You Start Your Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Certificate Program?

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a comprehensive program that gives you everything that you need plus much more, then look no further.

Start learning right now or take the course when it is convenient for you! The course can be accessed 24-7 from most devices with an internet connection. The first two units open straight away, and the course is drip-fed one module per week from there.  No stress there is no time limit on finishing the course – take the time it takes.

As always in doing any Courses with Natura Training Institute, you receive program updates, resources, ongoing support, and lifetime access to your material; NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

Course Curriculum
What will I learn in this course?

Health & Wellness

  • What is Wellness
  • Dimensions of Wellness
  • Can You succeed by Being Negative?
  • Health is the New Wealth, Are You Well-thy Exercise
  • Laughter and Play for Wellness
  • Your Role as a Health and Wellness Coach

Weight Loss Coach

  • What is a Holistic Weight Loss Coach?
  • What is Coaching
  • What is the Definition of Coaching?
  • Some Important Definitions in Coaching?
  • What is the difference between Life Coaching and Holistic Weight Loss Coaching?
  • Client Welcome Packet (CWP)
  • Preparing your client for their First Coaching Session

Health & Wellness

  • Life Balance
  • Life Balance Assessment
  • It’s Time to Get Organized
  • Is Your Life Designed to Support Wellness
  • Promote Mental Wellness – To Do List
  • How Laughter Supports Wellness
  • Taking Care of Yourself Whilst Taking Care of Others

Weight Loss Coach

  • Developing a Positive Self Image

Health & Wellness

  • Decluttering for Health & Wellness
  • Play and Your Wellness
  • Promoting Personal Growth
  • Why Disease Occurs
  • 6 Key Aspects of Self-Improvement Infographic
  • Setting Your Health & Body Goals

Weight Loss Coach

  • The Holistic Weight Loss Coach

Health & Wellness

  • The Power of Silence – Part 1
  • Quality of Life Wellness
  • Making Eating Healthy a Part of Your Every Day Life
  • 4 Ways To Improve Your Diet
  • 5 The Path to Health and Wellness

Weight Loss Coach

  • Fundamentals of Goal Attainment

Health & Wellness

  • Power of Silence – Part 2
  • Dynamic Changes Over Time
  • Making Exercise a Part of Your Daily Life
  • Promoting Emotional Wellness
  • Emotional Tips Infographic
  • Creating the Health & Wellness Recovery Plan with Clients

Weight Loss Coach

  • Affirmations

Health & Wellness

  • Staying On The Health Track
  • Staying On The Health Track Checklist
  • Staying On The Health Track Worksheet
  • Seeking and Achieving Vitality
  • Promoting Physical Health

Weight Loss Coach

  • Stress Management

Health & Wellness

  • What is Holism and Holistic Wellness
  • Self-Control Is All About Your Mindset
  • Improve Wellness of the Spirit
  • Top 10 Wellness Of The Spirit Tips
  • Vitamins, Supplementation and Healing
  • Further Vitamin Information
  • Understanding Detoxification
  • Veganism and Health

Weight Loss Coach

  • Action Plans 101

Health & Wellness

  • 6 Amazing Benefits of Learning To Love Yourself 1a
  • 6 Amazing Benefits of Learning to Love Yourself 1b
  • Mastering Acceptance
  • Steps to Wellness
  • Top 10 Social Wellness Tips
  • Infographic Social Wellness

Weight Loss Coach

  • Addictions and Obstacles

Health & Wellness

  • Holistic Development of the Whole Person
  • Comfort Zones
  • 5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Overcoming Fear
  • The Wellness of the World
  • Achieving Vitality Instead of Targeting Disease Prevention
  • 50 Empowering Affirmations

Weight Loss Coach

  • All About Diets

Health & Wellness

  • Personal fulfillment
  • Happiness, Positivity & Optimism
  • Procrastinating – the Sister of Resistance!
  • How To Measure Your Self-Worth

Weight Loss Coach

  • The Coaching Process Overview

Health & Wellness

  • Mindfulness for Personal Wellness
  • Are you Proactive in Your Own Wellness
  • Defining Wellness Success
  • The Role of Holistic Medicine In Achieving Wellness

Weight Loss Coach

  • Obesity in Children and Teenagers

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