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Meditation is an ancient practice that is known to improve the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of a person. Today meditation health coach course is also considered the highest form of relaxation. In fact, tens of millions of people are known to practice this activity worldwide. Meditation is also known to have numerous health benefits. It is being used to treat mental issues and other problems related to the body.

In this Meditation Teacher Training Online, we dive into the world of meditation and demystify the sometimes shrouded information and illuminate it for the inquisitive mind.

In Meditation, we are clearly able to see the changing circumstances of our lives. Meditation gives rise to the harmony of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Throughout this course we will be exploring the different styles of Meditation and how to put those styles into practice, to promote healing, self-exploration, and empowerment. This Meditation Teacher Training Online is unique in its structure and designed for self-paced online learning. Support is available both personally via skype or telephone if needed.

About This Course

A quick word on Religion and Meditation

This meditation health coach course has no religious connotation – Meditation is beyond religious form. We are not born religious, religion is something we are taught within our family, cultural or school circle. Saying this all religious traditions have within them an approach to meditation.

We must be able to differentiate from a specific aim or goal connected to a religious form and realize that Meditation is about ‘being’ as opposed to being a formal practice based on a system of belief. It follows that the meditative awareness which is inherent at birth is not subject to or dependent on any particular religious form or practice.

Upon Completion

On completion of this Meditation Teacher Training Online, you will be provided with a Certificate Like an example directly below:

The Meditation Teacher Training Online Outcome

At the end of this Meditation Teacher Training Online, you will be able to give one on one Guided Meditations to your clients needing extra support. You will be confident and competent to run Group Sessions, run weekend clinics for Corporate or Wellbeing Groups. You will have advanced with your own Meditation practice and ready to lead others.

You will have gained the tools and knowledge you will need to be effective in your new teaching role.

Course Curriculum
What will I learn in this course?

We begin our journey looking at the history and purpose of Meditation, Meditation today – East meets West and the integration of how Meditation is now one of the major practices that supports people worldwide in their self-development and healing. How to set the scene for our clients to be successful in their journey towards themselves holistically.

By the end of this module you will feel confident to discuss Meditation with your clients be able to create a space suitable to run classes and understand why relaxation plays a major part in the successful practice of Meditation.

Module 1 Units

  • The Development and History of Meditation
  • The Purpose of Meditation
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Let’s Begin our Meditation Journey
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Creating our Sacred Space

We continue our journey by learning how we will conduct our first class, the essential elements of breath and we’ll explore Zen Meditation as the first of the styles of Meditation you will learn throughout the course.

You will feel confident to start practising your techniques for your class, understanding the importance of the breath in Meditation and understand the style of Zen Meditation and how to present it in class.

Module 2 Units

  • Conducting Your First Class
  • Stretching and Breathing Exercises
  • Starting the Session
  • Zen Meditation

Let us now move onto developing the attributes that make us a teacher, advancing our own knowledge and experience. Here we address connecting to our heart centre, understanding how we can assist your students to develop a mindset of self-empowerment.

You will be developing your own practice, advancing your ability to access your student’s motivation. You will have gain experience and insight into what makes a good Teacher of Meditation You will have learnt the important aspects of Brain and Heart connection.

Module 3 Units

  • Developing Yourself as a Meditation Teacher
  • Meditation and your Spiritual Awakening
  • Concentrative Breath Meditation Scrip
  • Class Attendance Sheet
  • Class 2 – Heart Moments
  • The Amygdala

As we continue to learn about the various styles of Meditation, we also learn about stress relaxation and how the benefits that Meditation bring about love, joy and happiness. One of the main reasons students will join your classes is the search for peace and answers, this is the module that opens the doors to understanding the causes and presenting the solutions. Here we also look at the Transcendental form of Meditation.

You will be able to easily explain to your class the cause and effects of stress and the benefits to reducing it that can be accomplished through Meditation. You will be able to run a class using the Transcendental Meditation style.

Module 4 Units

  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Understanding Stress
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Transcendental Meditation

We are now equipping ourselves with the knowledge to assist our students with the problems and distractions they will face on their journey. As Explore the subconscious and opening ourselves to removing all programming that no longer serves us. Well explore Mindfulness Meditation as a Meditation Style and a way of living.

You will feel confident to discuss the problems and distractions with students, have useful information and advise on how to overcome these. You’ll be able to add Mindfulness Meditation to your tool kit of Meditation styles and discuss Mindfulness as a Lifestyle.

Module 5 Units

  • Improving Sleep with Meditation
  • Problems and Distractions whilst Meditating
  • The Sub Conscious, Dreams and Meditation
  • Relaxation sleep Meditation Script
  • Mindfulness Meditation

We delve deeper into the benefits of affirmations, and how we can use them for healing emotional wounds and developing self-esteem and self-confidence. We learn how to write affirmations in a way that supports positive future development. Learning how through Meditation the steps to healing emotional issues and empowering our students to better self-confidence and self-esteem is possible. We’ll explore the various Meditation Poses that your students can use.

You will be able to run Meditation Classes for Self-Development and Wellness. Instruct students how to best develop good posture for Meditation.

Module 6 Units

  • Meditation for Self Esteem
  • Affirmations for Meditation
  • Emotional Healing
  • Traditional Meditation Poses
  • Meditation for Self-Development

We are now ready to develop our practice even further with learning to use the appropriate Mudra’s and Mantras to be used to further enhance our connection in Meditation. We further explore the important and key factors in working the with Breath.

You will be able to present the Mudras and Mantras associated with various forms of Meditation and for their distinct purpose. You will be able to assist students who struggle with their breathing and be able to recognise the signs and offer remedies in a supporting manner.

Module 7 Units

  • Breath Modulation for Meditation & Stress Management
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Mudra’s in Meditation
  • Mantra’s in Meditation
  • Breath Modulation Meditation

We look into the 7 Main Chakra’s in this module and how we can engage with them, heal and balance them with Meditation. We talk about how to manage our energy efficiently and present easy to understand explanations of the Chakras, where they are located, what their influence is over our physical, mental and emotional energy. We will look at the elements that make a good space for Meditation.

You will have advanced your own knowledge of the Chakra System, be able to run classes addressing the chakras as a whole or individually. You’ll understand the elements that need to be in your Healing Space and the Health and Safety aspects to be considered.

Module 8 Units

  • Chakra Healing with Meditation
  • Chakra Healing Guided Meditation
  • Preparation of your Meditation Space
  • Chakra Frequency Meditation

Meditation for Children and students of all ages. How we can use Meditation to have a positive influence on children and students coping with peer pressure, exam pressures, self-images. How we can address social issues with Meditation to support and assist students to self- empowerment.

You will be confident in teaching students of all ages to Meditate, be able to run classes for school and youth groups. Write appropriate Meditations for the groups. Understand the importance of storytelling for children’s groups.

Module 9 Units

  • Teaching Children to Meditate
  • Children’s Meditations
  • Youth Meditation Program
  • Children’s Magic Place Meditation
  • Smile and Be Happy Meditation

We learn about stepping into our Personal Power and what that means to us as Teachers of Meditation. Dealing with difficult personalities when running Meditation Groups. We then tackle the job of starting our own business and the elements of planning and goal setting that we will need to be successful.

You will have learnt the skills to deal with difficult personalities, be confident in stepping into your personal power in a holistic and empowering way. You will have developed your own code of ethics, and put together the start of your business plan, goals and actions needed to develop that plan.

Module 10 Units

  • Meditation for Groups
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Stepping into Your Personal Power
  • Code of Ethics
  • Starting your Meditation Business
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