Natura Scholarship Program

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Crystal Healing Courses| Natura Scholarship Program

Our ability to facilitate our crystal healing courses programs through our own experiences and that of the many other professionals we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years has allowed us to develop a powerful style of coaching that challenges us on all levels to be the best we can be. It empowers and encourages us to build confidence and grow taking our lives both personally and in business to the next level.

Our courses are not religious-based and are suited to all cultural backgrounds.

Who is Eligible?

The Scholarships are set up to assist in a variety of different ways however we have listed below some examples:

  • Single Parent Family’s
  • Never Finished School and Out of Work
  •  Low Income or Single Income Family’s
  • Domestic Violence Victims – New Life Starts

Although the above is your typical scenario we will personally evaluate all situations and will generally offer either Part or Full Scholarships on 1 or more of our courses.

Why you should enroll in this course?

With our vast combined knowledge of crystal healing courses education and training, we believe we possess a unique skill set to offer our clients training through Natura.

We believe that we are put on earth for many teachings and being able to pay it forward is one of them. With more people doing good in this world we can already see it making a positive impact on humanity however it’s only the beginning.

When Should I Apply for Crystal Healing Courses?

If you are ready now to start making positive changes in your life by our crystal healing courses and scholarship programs, and others then the time is now, fill in the form below and we will back in contact within 48 Hours.