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Tai Chi / Qigong Instructors







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Who Does This Course Suit





Tai Chi /

Qigong Instructors







Teachers &




















Course Overview

In this course, it is important to realize right from the beginning that there are two aspects that we are going to share practitioners course in this Best mindfulness training from the founders of the Natura Institute.

– There is Julie’s aspect (as a Life Coach, Reader of the Akashic Records, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach, and Energetic Healer) which is Mindfulness Meditation.

– and there is Colin’s Aspect (as a Mindfulness Coach- Business Strategist- Entrepreneur, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) therapist and Business Mentor) which is the best mindfulness training as a Life Practice.

Both aspects of this bring together a life with meaning and purpose, not leaving anything to chance. This best mindfulness training finalizes Personal and Spiritual growth in all aspects of our being.

Mindfulness is a transformative mental state of awareness, openness, and focus. The regular practice of mindfulness will reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and enable us to handle painful thoughts, feelings, memories, and urges far more effectively.

This Practitioner’s best mindfulness training is available so that anyone, anywhere, can learn to develop, practice, and teach mindfulness in a personal, social or professional capacity. Mindfulness training and applied private practice are the basis for all personal and ongoing professional development.

Our Practitioner’s best mindfulness training is practically structured around two perspectives incorporating three different domains of learning; direct teaching, theoretical frameworks, and guided self-reflection. Each of these domains supports each other working in unison to provide you with an efficient online learning experience.

Throughout this comprehensive training, you will gain a grounded understanding of the psychology that underpins mindfulness; its philosophical foundations, the history of mindfulness alongside a broad range of today’s most relevant approaches, styles, and techniques.

Upon completion of the course, you will understand:

The factors that make for a successful and grounded Mindfulness practice.

How Mindfulness can be applied in a personal or professional context.

Mindfulness Meditation and the benefits in its practice.

What mindfulness models can be used to empower your and\or your clients?

How to deepen the connection between your head, heart, and intuition.

The primary thought patterns that negate emotional wellbeing and wholeness.

The common limiting beliefs that negate emotional wellbeing and wholeness.

The core principles that underpin effective mindfulness coaching and inquiry.

How to facilitate transformative change in other people conversationally.

And much more.

You will be fascinated to discover the principles of mindfulness, and how it can be applied in everyday life to live in the present and become more aware of how you experience life. By residing in the here and now, you will recognize how to experience simple pleasures in a meaningful way that promotes a deeper sense of contentment.

About This Course

This Practitioner’s best mindfulness training focuses specifically on your self-awareness, of not only yourself but of your day-to-day relationships and how you perceive the world. This comprehensive online training course is 10 Modules opening weekly and will provide everything you need to develop a grounded understanding of everything that you need to know for becoming a competent and confident Mindfulness Practitioner. Once all ten modules are open you have unlimited access to the content.

By the end of this Best Mindfulness Training, you will understand the most modern ideologies and techniques that top Mindfulness Practitioners use to facilitate positive change, in both themselves and the clients whom they serve. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your Mindfulness Master Practitioner’s Certificate from Natura Institute.

What are the requirements?

Students who enrol in this course must be prepared to explore openly, and with a sense of non-judgmental curiosity, the effects of bringing mindful awareness into your own life, as well as exploring its use and effects in different settings and even at work.

The course is aimed at developing knowledge and awareness of the rationale and background to mindfulness-based practices. The benefit that students gain from the teaching will be in direct proportion to their willingness to engage in activities and course exercises.

Students are expected to further investigate the historical origins of mindfulness, and the part played in this by the evolution of Buddhist thought and practice.

The whole course requires an in-depth process of personal reflection and investigation.

IT requirements: students must have a computer in good working order (with an ability to download and print off the broad range of additional course materials), access to the Internet, and the IT skills required to use these systems.

What am I going to get from this course?

Integrate mindfulness practice into the emerging culture of 21st-century Western life.

Understanding the core principles of mindfulness and be able to use this knowledge in a practical way to explain mindfulness to your clients.

Be confident in facilitating and practicing mindfulness-based practices/techniques on other people.

Understand the foundational psychology of mindfulness as well as its complementary Buddhist roots.

Teach Mindfulness one-to-one, in a group context, or a broad range of settings such as Education, Social Work, Business, Human Resources, Medicine, Mental Health, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy, and other related professions.

Receive your Professional Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate, giving credibility to your studied practice.

Apply the theoretical foundations of mindfulness and therapy, that have arisen from both eastern and western psychology.

Who is this course for?

This Mindfulness Practitioner Course is for anyone because everyone can benefit from mindfulness. No previous experience of mindfulness is required. You will discover how mindfulness works, but above all, this is a very practical course. We will ask you to explore different mindfulness-based ideas and reflect on your experience.

Mindfulness Practitioner is ideal for beginners, for those who have previous experience of Mindfulness and who want to develop their practice, and for those who wish to go on to teach Mindfulness.

This training course is designed to support participants in their ongoing Mindfulness practice and gain a grounded understanding of the habitual patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that prevent many people from achieving their full human potential.

Students should have a strong interest in self-development and personal growth as well as a passion for learning how to use Mindfulness in supporting people on their life journey.

This mindfulness training is ideal for managers/leaders with a responsibility for coaching and mentoring as part of your day-to-day role. It will also support you if you are planning to move into a development role in your organization or start a career as a freelance coach, therapist, or mentor.

Alternative therapists who wish to complement their practices with Mindfulness-based courses and practices.

Bonus Introduction to Mindfulness Course- 6 weeks Done- for-you- a course so you can start practicing immediately.

This course bonus gives you a step-by-step six-week curriculum of Our Introduction to Mindfulness program. Provided are outlines for each session, meditation scripts (links to downloadable audio files), tips for transitions and keeping track of time, advice on how to answer common questions, and practical, effective solutions for managing a range of participant experiences.

This course is suitable with all its individual components to teach to groups, from stress and anxiety, community groups, children’s groups, spiritual support groups, self-development groups all the way to being as diverse as homeless veterans, inpatient drug-abuse- recovery programs, cancer survivors, hospital clinicians, and to everyday stressed-out professionals and parents, leaders in non for profits and businesses looking to develop mindfulness in the work environment.

Upon Completion

On completion of this Mindfulness Master Practitioner Course Online, you will be provided with a Certificate Like an example directly below:


After you have finished your certification you will feel confident and know:

How to deepen and support your own mindfulness practice

How to set up and start a six-week Introduction to Mindfulness class for your group

How to teach the class and the individual components with confidence.

You will know exactly how to prep for leading your practice and what the most common issues and questions you can expect from your students. With all our help and tips throughout the course, you will be ready to successfully facilitate your own courses.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

What Is Mindfulness

Demystifying Mindfulness

Course Expectations

Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Body Scan

Mindfulness Eating Exercise

Mindfulness Uses and Benefits

Module 2

A Deeper Look at Mindfulness Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness of Sound

Mindfulness of Sound Meditation

Mindfulness of Sound Meditation Script

Why Is Mindfulness Important

Holistic Holism

3 Levels of Consciousness

Module 3

More on Mindfulness Meditation

Core Components of Teaching a Class

The 7 Core Attitudes of Mindfulness

Core Thoughts of Mindfulness

3 Core Components of Mindfulness

Factors that Impede Mindful Insight

Module 4

Mindfulness Meditation and the Brain

Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking

Why Is Awareness So Important

Building a Solid Life Foundation

Awareness And How To Stop Our Thoughts From Blinding Us


Module 5

Five Hindrances in Meditation Practice

Your Personal Mindfulness Practice

7 Pillars of Mindful Relationships

Life Balance Workbook

Formal and Informal Practice

Recognizing Unhealthy Dependency

Mindful Meditation and Work

Module 6

Mindfulness Meditation and Relationships

The Art of Introspection

Feeling Tones (Vedana) In Mindfulness

Unpleasant, Neutral & Pleasant Exercise

A Willingness to Be with Things As they Are

10 Mindfulness-Based Thoughts That Empower You

Module 7

Client Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Expressing Emotions in a Mindful Way

Importance of Mindfulness in Your Mindset

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Mindfully Empowered Happiness Mindset Part 1

Mindfully Empowered Happiness Mindset Part 2

Module 8

Mindfulness Meditation and Self-Compassion

Practicing Self-Compassion


10 Mindful Behaviours that Will Empower You

7 Big Wins for Mindful Entrepreneurs

Workbook for Mindful Entrepreneurs

Supportive Touch & Self Compassion Exercise

Maturity and Character

Module 9

Successful People Who Meditate

Core Values

Core Values Workbook

Successful People Who Meditate

Common Mindless Assumptions

The Cycle of Belief Change

Our Past and Moving Forward

Enhancing Resilience

Compassionate Breathing

Module 10

Recapping on Creating A Mindful Lifestyle


Safety and Emergency Procedures around Participant Population

Psychotherapy Pitfalls in Leading Mindfulness

Running the 6 Week Course

6 Week -Introduction to Mindfulness Course

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Being taught by teachers with over 50 years combined experience in teaching holistic practices and coaching.

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All of our courses are broken down into easy-to-follow units, so you do not experience overwhelm and are easy to implement into your daily/weekly schedule.

All our courses are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that it can be risky buying courses online. Let’s face it, you don’t know us very well (yet) but we’re willing to put everything on the line with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We are so confident you will love our courses and be 100% satisfied with the content and support we offer we are willing to offer you a full refund with all our courses.

You can access any of our courses for up to 7 days and look at the material in Module 1 and if you go “This is not for me” then write to us and we will happily refund all your money so there is no risk to you.

That’s our promise to you.

Founder of Natura Training Institute

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