Meditation for Healing: Firm Mind and High Concentration

There are a large number of simple ways to meditate for healing. However, the general rule of meditation to bring healing effects must first be keeping a calm mind.

More and more humans realise the benefits of meditation and try to practice with the desire to discover their suitable method of healing meditation. Nevertheless, not everyone could achieve what they craved for because your mind didn’t escape from the hustle and bustle of life. You should have known at the first hand that the secret to cure mental illness by meditating is simply to throw your burden.

The Definition of Meditate for Healing Method

Among all available meditation methods, if you are a beginner, you should choose one of the two following ways. The first is that you fold two legs and cross them together. The other is putting the left foot on the right thigh or vice versa. Let’s bear in mind that you can sit anywhere as long as you feel most comfortable and relaxed such as on a chair, on a cushion and on the floor, which allows you to focus on your meditation.

Some Tips of Meditation for Healing

As you may know, it is difficult to succeed right at the first time. Up to 80% of people meditate though their brain is always active. You must always fight to get rid of all the thoughts that pop up in your head. Only when the “war” stops and you fall into a state of stillness, you would be able to touch the door of peace.

To achieve this, you should pay attention to below tips for the best result.

·         Before meditation, if you are a beginner, do not practice alone. Ideally, you should be guided by a trusted group such as online and offline courses in monasteries, temples or with experienced practitioners . Experienced teachers and preachers will lead you in the right way and tell you the secret of focusing so that you wouldn’t wander while meditating.

·         When meditating, you should choose for yourself an airy and cool space with low noise and no pollution so as not to affect your concentration and attention.

Each meditation should be done from 60 to 90 minutes. At this time, your mind must remain relax. It is the best not to think of anything, especially things stimulating stress, anxiety and insecurity.

·         After meditation, we highly recommend you to eat and drink sparingly. Don’t forget to limit eating meat and regularly eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, which therefore help purify the body and make the mind more comfortable.

Helpful Notes when Meditating for Healing

Meditation practice is easy to take up and particularly suitable for those who are really keen to learn about meditation and want to practice to free their mind, as well as regain and keep the serene.

A few following notes will help your meditation bring great value to yourself

·         It’s recommended to do meditating either in the morning when you wake up or at night before bed. These two are periods the body is the most relaxed for meditation.

·         Do not meditate immediately after eating or exercising. Usually, after this time, the body needs a proper rest to digest food or regain health. Therefore, meditating at that time will make you feel tired and even more uncomfortable. This distracts you from maintaining your relaxation and calm.

·         Your meditation outfits should be soft and airy because you will have to sit still for a long time. Wearing too tight clothes will affect the blood circulation process.

·         After meditating, do not get up right away; instead you should stretch your legs, hands and relax the body to eliminate numbness and circulation.

In short, meditation for healing is an art. Not only must you have faith and determination to pursue till the end, but you also have to practice breathing correctly and highly concentrating. In this way, meditation becomes a part of your life, calms your mind, turns danger into security as well as helps you live a balanced, healthy and optimistic life.

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November 13, 2019