Life Coaching for the Holistic Therapist Course
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Are you looking to become a highly trained, professionally accredited Life Coach? Natura’s Holistic Life Coaching program offers you the highest training in this ever-increasing area within the Health and Wellness Industry.

Is this course right for you?

Our Holistic Life Coaching online course offers you the opportunity to study at your leisure, take the time it takes you to feel confident, and gain the knowledge to be successful.

For those of us adding this as another modality to an already established career, you may already have some of this fundamental training and be able to go through the course and gain accreditation at a faster pace – it’s up to you, our training system can be tailored to suit your needs.

About This Course

Our Holistic Life Coaching Course is easy to follow, making the learning process fun and challenging.  Looking at our own thoughts and beliefs about how you make changes in your life. Learning to recognize how limiting thoughts and beliefs hold you back will help you quickly recognize the signs in the clients you are going to coach, making our program a foundation for your own personal growth.

What skill you will gain throughout the holistic life coaching course that will assist you:-

1. How to be a great coach, inspire and empower your clients

2. Find your client’s passion and implement great goal-setting techniques.

3. Create amazing action plans to ensure success

4. Recognise when change starts to happen

5. Use the tools, techniques, and coaching models that suit individual clients

6. Learn how to use active listening skills to fully understand your clients

7. Get your business up and running, using sound business advice and systems

As a life coach, you are able to coach in any field, coaching is about supporting your client to bring about change.  Awakening their self-awareness of how their thoughts and beliefs limit their growth. Teaching goals setting and action plans to support your client through change, will set them up to be successful in all areas of life. Coaching is a challenging and rewarding career, you will finish this course with all the knowledge and skills you need to enhance your client’s life.  It comes with a responsibility to present a non-judgemental, supportive, and secure environment. It is not the opportunity to present our personal views or judgments to others.

We deliver our holistic life coaching in a training style that is fun, interactive, and self-paced. Becoming a good coach or mentor is about supporting others to develop and manage their own learning.  Being able to listen and facilitate change, without trying to solve people’s problems for them. Self-empowerment to find their own answers is what we are striving for.

Whether you are considering a complete career change to a new professional role or looking to integrate coaching into your current modality. We offer personalized support to help you become successful in your journey.

Industry Recognised

Our courses are recognized through various industry bodies such as IICS and IICT and you can check out the other industry professionals we work with and align our business within our Website.

Upon Completion
On completion of this Life Coaching for the Holistic Therapist Course Online, you will be provided with a Certificate Like an example directly below:
Why choose us

Our teachers and mentors are always available to offer support both by email and over the phone.

Training with Natura Holistic Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to become a Professional and Accredited Coach giving you the opportunity to transform your life, business, and relationships.

You have the support of our team who have over 30 years of experience in holistic life coaching and education, in this and many other fields, offering a vast array of experience and knowledge for you to draw from. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all the changes in the industry as they happen and keeping our course material up to date.

Course Curriculum
What will I learn in this course?
  • What is a Life Coach
  • Who as a Coach am I not trained to deal with?
  • Some Important definitions in Coaching
  • Client Welcome Pack
  • Core Competencies to Establish in Life Coaching
  • Happiness
  • Passion
  • Steps to Discovering Passion
  • Goals and Passion
  • Unlocking Your Passion Test
  • Fundamentals of Goal Attainment
  • 3 Examples of Coaching Models
  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding Stress
  • Action Plans
  • Strategizing and Completing the Action Plan
  • The Purpose of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Running Your Practice and Sessions Q & A’s
  • The Golden Rule of Coaching
  • Identifying Strengths, Passions and Gifts
  • Meditation for Self Esteem and Personal
  • Transformation
  • Listening as a Coach
  • Setting Personal Boundaries
  • Client Relationships
  • Life Wheel
  • Learning to Group Coach
  • Standard Group Coaching Model
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Building Your Personal Power
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Budgets & Marketing for Events
  • Client Tests, Assessments and Challenges
  • Resistance
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • The Business Plan
  • Business Planning Basics Summary
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