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Journaling One of the Most Powerful Tools for Goals & Resolutions – Article 5/11

When it comes to keeping your resolutions and achieving your goals, sometimes it can be good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. The drudgery of day to day life can sometimes threaten to push the milestones you’ve set for yourself to the backburner. It’s easy to forget your purpose. Anything that can keep your objective at the forefront of your mind is a good thing. For those who like to write, a journal can be a powerful tool for goals and resolutions. In today’s article, I’d like to show you how it works, and the benefits journaling can have on your progress.

Your Journal

Your journal can be any tool that allows you to record your thoughts. You may wish to do so electronically on your computer with a word processing program or even by finding an app or website that lets you keep your musings in one easy-to-find place. Many of us prefer using technology because we’ve incorporated it into so many other areas of our lives. It’s also easy to retrieve and involves less wasted paper. Others may like to return to the more traditional paper method of journal keeping. Writing with a pen and paper can be a therapeutic act in and of itself. It doesn’t matter what type of journal you choose, as long as you are comfortable with it.

The Purpose

The reason behind journaling is simple. It allows you to bring your thoughts to forefront and to keep your reasons or you why behind your resolutions close at hand. Writing down your feelings with regard to your goals helps you to sort things out. You can read back over your words and discover patterns or motivations. This resource also provides you a tangible record. This is useful in tracking your progress, also in holding yourself accountable, providing motivation and making sense of your thoughts. There are loads of benefits to keeping a journal in conjunction with your goals and resolutions.

The Process

Journaling is an activity that should be ongoing. You want to consider making it a part of your regular routine so that you can get the most out of the activity. Writing sporadically can be somewhat beneficial in getting your thoughts out of your head, but having only a handful of entries doesn’t allow you the full benefit of noting patterns and making other such discoveries. Create a time to write in your journal. Add it to your calendar so that you won’t forget. Many people prefer to write in the morning so that they can plan their day and set the mood for what’s to come. Perhaps night time writing might work better for you as a way to process all that’s occurred throughout the previous hours. Whatever you do, set a pattern and make it a habit. Also, consider setting up an environment that’s relaxing and that signals to your brain it’s time to write. Perhaps sitting in a window nook with a cup of tea might be nice or enjoying the morning quiet at the dining room table before the rest of the house wakes up is your thing.

No matter how you decide to journal, I recommend giving it a try. Your process and implements should be personal and meaningful to you. I predict you’ll discover some incredibly powerful benefits to journaling your resolutions and goals.


Success Tip: Don’t Try to Change Too Much at Once


It may seem counterproductive for me to advise you to limit yourself when it comes to setting goals and resolutions, but please hear me out. There are a lot of solid reasons why you may wish to choose only one or two objectives to set your sights on. Goals that are manageable can actually allow you to accomplish far more than ones that cover every single aspect of your life. Prioritizing your pursuits lets you achieve the things that are most important to you. Read on to discovery just why it’s smart that you don’t try to change too much at once.

Increase Focus

With fewer goals, you have more focus. Developing laser focus allows you to prioritize and to give your limited energy to the things that matter most to you. When you spread yourself too thin, you won’t be able to stay on top of all the tasks required to manage these desires. Sure, you may want to shake up all sorts of things in your life, but it makes more sense to give your attention only to the most important ones. Once those are addressed, you can move onto the next area on your agenda for improvement. It’s great to have a mindset of constant personal developing and to always be striving for better. Just be sure not to expect it all at once.

Promote Passion

Passion and desire are strong motivators. When you prioritize your targets, and shoot for only those that are most important to you, you’re bound to find yourself feeling more passionate about reaching them. Listen to your intuition and rule out any resolutions that don’t speak to your soul. Give your energy only to the ones that are most meaningful to your world, and you’re bound to be more successful as you let your passion guide you.

Avoid Overwhelm

Let’s face it; there are only so many hours in each day. Taking the time to address each and every little thing you want to change about yourself simply isn’t realistic. Doing so will set yourself up for burn out quickly, and then you’ll find yourself accomplishing absolutely nothing. Isn’t it better to choose specific goals that set yourself on fire and make you want to work toward achieving them than to try to fix all the nitpicky little details?

Achieve More

Finally, you’ll find that you actually achieve more by setting limits on the number of resolutions you make. When you’re successful at reaching the most meaningful goals you’ve set for yourself, you’ll feel motivated to keep going. You’ll also feel a sense of pride in your accomplishment and will be energized to go further in your self-development.

There you have it, the reasons why it makes sense to avoid trying to change too much at once. Trust me; you’ll be happier and more successful when you take this route.


January 2, 2018