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Holistic Life Coaching May Be for You!

Are you looking for someone who will hold you accountable for achieving your goals, manifesting the abundance in Health, Wealth and Happiness you desire for yourself and your family? Holistic Life coaching and mentoring may be what you need to accomplish what you really want in your work career, family life or personal development. Your friends and family certainly love you and want the best for you, but they can’t always make the time to devote the necessary hours you may need to achieve your objectives and goals. Your friends and family have objectives and goals that they are looking to achieve as well.

Holistic Life Coaching is one of the best investments that you will ever make, whether for personal life issues or business mentoring. Although there are many coaching packages that you can choose with becoming a coaching client, you will have someone who is genuinely interested in you, your life and wanting to understand what you want. Generally speaking, the coach and client usually have a weekly call, which lasts from about 45 to 55 minutes. Email communication is usually included between each coaching call, there are many packages to choose from and you and your Holistic Life Coach can work together on what works for you.

I have worked with many terrific people who were extremely talented and were over qualified in the position in which they were working, very capable of fulfilling their life’s purpose, working and living an abundant life, however couldn’t put this all together for themselves. I could only imagine how much happier and productive they would have been sooner had they made the decision to work with an Holistic Life Coach.

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Holistic Life Coaching

1. You have someone who is focused on Your Life objectives and goals.

Your coaching calls/sessions are all about you. Your coach will hold you accountable for your actions to achieve your goals. Many Holistic Life Coaches have multiple skill sets and have been educated and trained on holding clients accountable to achieving their goals and are focused on teaching you how to remain on track, and how to integrate all the areas of your life leading to you living your best life.
That’s why many Holistic Life Coaches offer a free initial consultation. This initial consultation will better determine if you and your potential coach are compatible. There’s nothing wrong if a particular coach and you are not compatible. The same principle applies with other professional services. You may not be compatible with every accountant, lawyer, contractor, plumber, hairdresser, mechanic or web-designer.

2. You have someone who is objective toward you.

As mentioned before, you have family and friends that love you and they may think that any work you do is awesome, but you are generally getting a subjective opinion. A coach would be able to objectively listen and actively hear where you want to go and what you want to bring into your life, they are not focused at all on what they think would work for you.

3. Someday leads to a town of Nowhere

How many of us have always said that we wanted to do things such as write a book, start our own business, switch careers, lose all the stress and worry? When did you want to start doing those wonderful things? A Holistic Life Coach will assist you to bring your dreams and goals into reality, assisting you to manifest abundance in all areas of your life – this isn’t just business. Don’t end up thinking I shoulda, coulda, woulda. You don’t want to look back years from now and have those regrets.

4. Holistic Life Coaching Can Be A Great Investment

Holistic Life Coaching can cost a lot less than many seminars. What is the total amount of money that you have you spent on self-help items, such as books, audiocassettes, CD’s, Videos, DVD’s and seminars? Did you spend hundreds – maybe thousands of dollars? What kind of rate of return did you get on your investment? Did you achieve your objectives after you read that book, listened to that CD, watched that DVD or went to that seminar? The aforementioned items most likely contained great information on how to find and achieve your goals. But did any of those items personally hold you accountable and ensure that you achieved your goals?
Like any other professional service, Holistic Life Coaching costs money. Holistic Life Coaches are educated and trained professionals who provide valuable services. If your sink needed fixing and you had no idea how to fix it, would you hire a plumber to fix your sink? Hopefully! A plumber is paid to do something with specific measurable results: fix your sink. If your life needs fixing or fine tuning, what would you do? Coaching goes beyond specific measurable results. Can you put a price on having a life that you love?

June 4, 2018