Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a pure form of healing, as its name implies it is the Universal Life Force, this energy is all around us and emanates from us, it is not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability. The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on one’s intellectual capacity. It does not take years of practice to learn Reiki training, it is passed from teacher to student. Reiki is a wonderful tool for healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. It balances and restores energy through the main Chakra system of the body. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful and very relaxing form of healing for the client receiving Reiki training healing.

Reiki Training Practitioner

Reiki can be used for many ailments including but not limited to relieving pain, headaches, back problems, asthma, PMT, sinus, anxiety, etc. Reiki balances the energies in the body, clears toxins, and promotes creativity. Reiki is a Holistic Healing Modality. It is important to remember you as a reiki training practitioner are not healing your clients. The clients receiving reiki rays are in fact healing themselves. You are merely the channel that enables them to draw the Reiki rays energy through your hands to the place it is needed.

In learning to be a Reiki training practitioner you will be helping your clients to become more balanced, find a deeper sense of inner peace and calm, explore their self-awareness and precipitate spiritual growth.

Your Reiki training practice will bring the following benefits not just to yourself but to your clients.

  • Reiki will relax you when you are stressed
  • Reiki brings about deep relaxation
  • Reiki centers your thoughts when you are confused
  • Reiki energizes you when you feel drained
  • Reiki calms you when you are frightened
  • Reiki focuses your mind and helps you to solve problems
  • Reiki relieves pain
  • Reiki accelerates the natural healing of wounds
  • Reiki improves health
  • Reiki gradually clears up chronic problems
  • Reiki helps prevents the development of disease
  • Reiki detoxifies the body
  • Reiki dissolves energy blockages
  • Reiki releases emotional wounds
  • Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Reiki helps change negative conditioning & behavior

To practice Reiki to its highest good you will need to have an attunement from a Reiki Master. There are 3 levels of Reiki: Reiki 1 and 2 and the Master level. Once attuned Reiki ray is easy to use and your ability to use Reiki will never leave you. As you start each of the training manuals it is good to have your next attunement. Natura will organize with you to do your attunement in person or by distant attunement.


Course Curriculum


Lesson 1: Reiki the Universal Life Force

10 Things that Weaken the Life-Giving Energy

Lesson 2: What is Reiki

Lesson 3: How Reiki Works

Lesson 4: The History of Reiki

The Life of Dr. Mikao Usui

Lesson 5: The 5 Reiki Principles

Lesson 6: Preparing for Reiki 1

The Path to Reiki

The Initiation Ceremony

Preparing for the Workshop

The Morning of the Workshop

What Happens During the Initiation

What Happens After Initiation

Ways to Use Reiki after the Attunement

Lesson 7: Anatomic Illustrations for Reiki

The Endocrine System

The Lymphatic System

Lesson 8: Reiki Self Treatment

How Reiki Can Help You

How to Treat Yourself with Reiki

Self-Treatment Hand Positions

Lesson 9: Preparing to Treat Others with Reiki

Appropriate Environment

Remove All Jewellery

Remove Tight Clothing

Avoid Alcohol

Personal Hygiene

The Invocation

An Example of a Personal Invocation

Cleanse and Harmonise Your Clients Aura

Lesson 10: Treating Others with Reiki

Full Body Treatment – Hand Positions


Lesson 11: Rapid Reiki Treatment

Hand Position 1-9 in Pictures

Lesson 12: The Ultradian Rhythm Technique

Lesson 13: Group Reiki Treatment

The Benefits of Group Treatment

Guidelines for Conducting a Group Treatment

Lesson 14: Reiki and Pregnancy, Babies & Children



Lesson 15: Reiki Brings Comfort to Those Souls Crossing Over

Working with People Who Are Dying

Lesson 16: Use Your Imagination

Reiki and Animals

Basic Techniques for Animals

Plants and Vegetation

Basic Techniques for Plants and Vegetation

Food and Drink

Basic Techniques for Food and Drink

Further Uses for Reiki

Lesson 17: Final Thoughts

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Well constructed course. Easy to follow.
    Would have been useful to have a quiz to test the knowledge at the end.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your kind comments on the Reiki 1st Degree online course. I do hope you will consider having your attunement and getting the most benefit from having done this course, and perhaps looking at continuing onto Reiki 2nd Degree.

      Love & Blessings


    Wow that was amazing and LOVED every minute of it, its not like me to want to keep reading and learning 🙂 So EXCITED 🙂



    Easy to follow course for beginners to build a foundation for their journey inward and forward or to refresh and realign yourself with the marvel of Reiki energy. Thank you to the team at Natura Training Institute,
    Love and Blessings.

    • Hi Casy,

      Thank you for your review of the Reiki 1st Degree course. Did you wish to have your attunement to be able to practice Reiki? Should you wish to do so could you also put your location on the institute as we often get asked for practitioners.

      I have just now started to combine my facebook page for Natura Holistic Life Centre and Natura Institute and wondered if you wouldn’t mind if you feel so guided to put this review onto my facebook page for me.

      I wish you love and light,

  4. Brilliant course!


    Thank you Julie for offering such a thorough and complete introduction to Reiki course. I decided to refresh my training after having been a Reiki channel for over 20 years. Best decision I ever made, as I have now learnt new techniques and have now built on the foundations and principles I have used for many years:)

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for your kind reviews of our Reiki Courses.

      Could I impose on you to add your 5 star reviews to our other students on our facebook page and if you have not already joined us on facebook like us ? I would so appreciate your time in doing so and have copied your two reviews here to save you going looking for them.

      Reiki 1

      Thank you Julie for offering such a thorough and complete introduction to Reiki course. I decided to refresh my training after having been a Reiki channel for over 20 years. Best decision I ever made, as I have now learnt new techniques and have now built on the foundations and principles I have used for many years:)

      Reiki 2
      Having initially learnt Reiki 2, twenty years ago, I felt it was time to do refresher training.
      I am so glad that I made this decision! This course is fantastic! Extremely detailed instructions for new and advanced practitioners alike, with several new techniques and symbols that were not available when I did my training in a group session many years ago.
      Thank you so much, for making this training easily accessible online and a pleasure to do:)

      Love & Blessings,
      Julie ?

  5. Great Course!


    Thank you Julie! I loved this course and the way it was structured. I found it informative and it provided a great introduction to the practice of Reiki – Would highly recommend! Thank you.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for having completed this review and I’m delighted to hear that you have enjoyed the material that was presented.

      I would like to do you re-attunement at 6pm(Adelaide time) on Friday evening 1st February. Please let me know if this time is suitable to you.

      I have attached your certificate for you in my email.

      Love & Blessings,

  6. Rieki 1st Degree


    wonderful and inspirig. so thankful to have this course in my life right now.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for your kind words I’m delighted you have enjoyed the Reiki 1 Course.

      I have attached your certificate for you – Congratulations! ( It’s attached in the email i sent)

      I do hope you will hop straight into sharing this gift with others as well as for self-healing.

      I will open your course for review and would be delighted if you would spare the time to add your 5 star rating to my other students on my facebook page at I would much appreciate your time in doing so.

      Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

      Love & Blessings,