Natura Qigong for Health and Healing – Level 2


Qigong for Healing

In level one we explored Qigong for ourselves, the healing properties of Qigong and the Qigong movements to heal ourselves and move energy through our bodies.

In level two you will learn how to strengthen your own energy and how to do healing for friends and clients.  You will learn how to assist clients and friends to balance their energy. We will discuss how so many people able to detect energy blockages in others, how to remove these blockages and how to give healing energy to others.

Your clients, family and friends will find ample benefit from the practice from Natura’s Energetic Healing through Qigong. Not everyone will always experience the full benefit of Qigong.  It is important to recognise if you and your clients are experiencing a current medical condition, I encourage you to use Qigong as a complementary practice to any medical treatment. Please always discuss any decisions regarding treatment with your doctor or licenced health care provider.