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Natura Advanced Coaching Course


    Natura Advanced Coaching Course


    This course covers all the Coaching guidelines to guide you as a coach to successfully assisting your client (or team member if working with a group of employees for a company) to succeed in obtaining the results they sought your assistance with. This course is not designed for any niche in coaching but an overall look at the coach’s roll and the natural progression of how the coaching process should evolve.

    This course is recommended to anyone who looking to take on a coaching role, no matter what the niche is they wish to work within. The aim of the course is to coach our clients to reach their true potential. Setting goals and building relationships sits at the core of any effective coaching program and Natura’s advanced Coaching skill courses ensures you as a coach will be successful. This proven system just needs to be learnt and followed.




    Course Curriculum


    Overview:  Getting Started

    Coaching Course Objectives


    Module One: Coaching, Mentoring, aren’t they the same?    



    The G.R.O.W. Model


    Module Two: Setting Goals    

    “G” for Goals

    Identifying Appropriate Goal Areas

    Create SMART Goals


    Module Three: The Reality of GROW.  

    Understanding Where You Are

    Past Performance


    Module Four: Options of GROW    

    Your Path to BIG Success

    The Best Approach

    Structuring a Plan


    Module Five: It’s a Wrap        

    Create a Development Plan

    First Step



    Module Six: The Importance of Trust      

    What is Trust?

    Trust & Coaching

    How to Build a Trusting Relationship


    Module Seven: Feedback          

    Characteristics of Good Feedback

    Constructive Criticism

    Encouraging Growth and Development


    Module Eight: Obstacles & Roadblocks    

    Frequent Obstacles

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid

    Reviewing Progress & Re-evaluating Goals

    Focusing on Progress not Shortfalls


    Module Nine: Reaching the End     

    Achieving the Goal

    Record the Achievements


    Module Ten: How Mentoring Differs from Coaching 

    Blending the Two Models

    GROW Model & Mentoring

    It’s all About Relationships

    Wrapping it Up: Words from the Wise



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