Mindfulness For Stress and Anxiety


The act of Mindfulness Meditation combined with the practice of being Mindful in our lives, will inevitably lead to the reduction of dis-ease in the body associated to Stress, Anxiety and Depression and increase our Inner Peace, Joy, Creativity and our ability to manifest those things and experiences we desire to obtain so we can live our lives in a happy, healthy and fulfilled way.

Mindfulness is an Eastern practice to train our mind. It is a practice that cultivates sustained conscious wakefulness or presence.  Mindfulness is a life disciple for raising awareness of “What Is”

Practicing mindfulness is like building up a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.  Only rather than building up a muscle, practicing mindfulness strengthens our mind.

In this short and insightful course we are going to look at the benefits of the start of a Mindfulness practice that will quickly assist you to gain some control over your thoughts and feelings, put things in perspective and make some life changes that will see you being able to relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

For thousands of people all around the world, from all religions and nationalities, mindfulness practice helps people to nurture inner peace within themselves, improve concentration and general well-being.

Our hope for you throughout this course is that you will see and feel significantly better, and decide for yourself that the continued practice of mindfulness will be something that you can benefit from and that you are living a happier and healthier life.


Course Curriculum

Week 1

In this week we explore the benefits of Mindulness Meditation on the body, on how it interacts with the brain and reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

At the start of this journey you have access to a guided relaxation meditation that will instantly have you feeling calmer and more relaxed, not just during your Meditation but setting the stage for being calmer reducing the stress hormones running through your body to assist you in finding a reduction in your bodies stress and anxiety.




What you receive:


·         Worksheets

o   What Is Meditation

  • What is Mindfulness

o   The stages of the mind

o   Why is relaxation important

o   Stage One: The Normal Mind


·         Audio

o   How to prepare for meditation (4mins and 33sec)

·         Infographic

o   We show you 6 different meditation poses

·         Audio

o   Guided relaxation mediation (9mins and 04secs)

  • What is Mindfulness

By the end of week one you will be feeling calmer, less anxious.

You will have found yourself being able to breathe easier, find some relaxation and your body starting to release the pent up energy that causes us the headaches and pain.

Do the relaxation meditation several times over the next week, whilst preparing yourself for week two.

Week 2

Now that you have been able to start to relax your body and reduce some stress, we are going to look at some of the rules that will help you to be successful with your Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

We will also take a journey in your Meditation to your Sacred Space, here you will find the place where you can escape to, find calm and peace and instantly be able to release the tension and anxiety that stressful situations place upon us.

Then our meditation to add to this week’s experience is “Reducing Stress Meditation”.



What you receive:

·         Worksheets

o   Benefits You Experience Through Meditation

o   Rules of Meditation

o   Stress, Anxiety & Depression – How to recognise it and how to deal with it Naturally.

·         Audio

o   Guided Meditation Finding Your Sacred Space (8mins and 27secs)

o   Guided Meditation “Reducing Stress”


By the end of week two, you have already now started to feel the benefits of your Meditation Practice and life is starting to feel better and you are feeling more in control of your circumstances.

Finding your sacred space is like finding your peace and tranquillity and the place that supports your good health and happiness.

By doing the Reducing Stress Meditation you are furthering your journey to finding the path to Mindfulness Living, being able to feel the weight lifting off your shoulders and your feeling happier and more relaxed in yourself.

Week 3

As we enter week 3 of our practice, we talk about the goals of meditation, and the benefits of “not giving up”, like everything we have to sometimes overcome resistance to what is good for us, so we need to get our brain on our side as a valuable ally. As we break the chain to stress and anxiety we have to overcome the fact that we have been used to living in this stage and sometimes it’s a little hard to let go.

But don’t worry because this week, our Meditation this week is “A Journey Into The Present Moment” doing this meditation is going to strengthen our resolve, bring things into perspective for us and see us feeling much more in control of our circumstances.

And we’re going to demystify the issues of Meditation and Religion, let’s not let anything get in our way to feeling stress and anxiety free!!



What you receive:


  • Worksheets
    • A Word of Warning
    • Meditation and Religion
    • The Present Moment in Meditation
  • Audio
    • Guided Meditation “A Journey Into The Present Moment (11mins and 47secs)

By the end of week three you will be feeling like you’ve got this. Your relaxation technique will be well seeded, and you will be feeling like you are ready to really take control of your situation.

Combing your Meditations will further enhance your good health and your positive attitude to life is now returning.


Week 4

Congratulations on getting here – and this week we are going to look at some very popular variety of ways you can Meditate.  Making sure your practice is working for you and that you are well on your way to mastering your feeling and emotions.

Our Meditation this week is an experience of Mindfulness and the final meditation in our 4-week course.






What you receive:

  • Worksheets
    • Walking Meditation
    • Here’s How Waling Meditation Works
    • Zen Meditation
    • Mantra Meditation
    • Guided Visualisation
    • Where to From Here
    • Mindfullness
  • Audio
    • Where to from here (perhaps we could do short audio here
    • Guided Mindfulness Meditation (8mins and 24secs)

By now you are really starting to feel that you have Mindfulness Meditation in hand and that you are reducing your state of stress and anxiety.  Your body is beginning again to get used to the feeling of relaxation and with that goes peace, happiness and life fulfilment.

Now your journey has just started and  you have taken some valuable steps and learnt some amazing coping techniques and  strategies……are you ready to take the next steps?