Master Coach Certified Course


Master Coach Certified Course



The Master Coach Certification is currently the highest certification available within the coaching profession.


Holding this credential indicates that you are at the top of the coaching profession in terms of skills and experience.


In short, you are a “Master” of coaching.

Master Coach

This certified Master coach covers all the Coaching guidelines to guide you as a master of coaching, to successfully assisting your client (or team member if working with a group of employees for a company) to succeed in obtaining the results they sought your assistance with. This Master course also includes some specific niche coaching areas that are usually only for the advanced coach. It can also be applied to any niche in coaching giving an overall look at the coach’s role and the natural progression of how the coaching process should evolve.

This certified Master coach course is recommended to anyone who looking to take on a coaching role, no matter what the niche is they wish to work within.  The aim of the Master coach course is to coach our clients to reach their true potential.  Setting goals and building relationships sit at the core of any effective coaching program and Natura’s Master Coach course ensures you as a coach will be successful. This proven system enhances any coaching you are currently doing, with the element just needing to be learned and followed.

Course Bonus

As a bonus within this certified Master coach course, you will receive a certificate as a Psychological Coach and Business Coach.  The components for these are built into this course, allowing you to further expand the services you offer. 



Goals of Program

Overall the goal of this Master coach program is to increase the coach’s knowledge on a variety of topics and skill sets that greatly contribute to a person’s level of life enjoyment, level of success, and peace.





Specific goals for the program include:

  • Increasing the coach’s business acumen
  • Improving the coach’s time management
  • Adding to the coach’s support network
  • Increasing the coach’s passion for the coaching profession
  • Teaching the coach on the importance of creating emotional awareness within themselves and   their clients
  • Learning habits of successful individuals



Course Curriculum

Module One:    

Commonalities of Master Coaches

Vision, Mission, and Values

The G.R.O.W. Model

Core Values Article

Successful Entrepreneurs/Millionaires Habits


Module Two:

Certified Psychological Coach

Psychological Concepts to Understand for Emotional Wellbeing

Assisting Clients as They Deal with Fear

Creating Awareness in Clients

Path of Personal Development

Growing Emotionally

What Stops Us from Enjoying the Present Moment

Setting Goals

“G” for Goals

Identifying Appropriate Goal Areas

Create SMART Goals


Module Three:

The Reality of GROW.

Understanding Where You Are

Past Performance

Emotional Insecurity


Steps to Increase Self-Esteem

Coaching Advice

Need to be Defined


Module Four:   

Options of GROW

Your Path to BIG Success

The Best Approach

Structuring a Plan

Certified Business Coach/Consultant

Coaching Vs Consulting

Communicating Effectively

Coaching Clients as a Business Coach

Business coaching 101


Module Five:    

It’s a Wrap

Create a Development Plan

First Step



Module Six:  

The Importance of Trust

What is Trust?

Trust & Coaching

How to Build a Trusting Relationship


Module Seven:


Characteristics of Good Feedback

Constructive Criticism

Encouraging Growth and Development


Module Eight:

Obstacles & Roadblocks

Frequent Obstacles

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid

Reviewing Progress & Re-evaluating Goals

Focusing on Progress, not Shortfalls

Dealing with the Past Tools


Module Nine:

Reaching the End

Achieving the Goal

Record the Achievements


Module Ten:

Coaching, Mentoring, aren’t they the same?



Blending the Two Models

GROW Model & Mentoring

It’s all About Relationships


Module Ten:

Wrapping it Up:

Words from the Wise



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