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Course Overview
Is this course right for you?
Our weight loss coach program, is for individuals who wish to specialise in the area of Holistic Weight Loss – our program addresses all area for the client – not just the number of Kilo’s they wish to lose. We address –Mind, Body and Spirit in our clients, as we recognise that all areas are essential to be successful in obtaining and being able to sustain a healthier, more active and successful lifestyle. The recognition of the emotional causes of behind being overweight or obesity are fundamental to seeing your client – not just seeing the presenting problem.
Therefore if you are already involved in the health and wellness industry either as at Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Product Retailer, Life Coach and looking to take your practise to a new level or add a specialist or professional accreditation to your modality this course is probably perfect for you. If you’re someone wanting to enter this area and have a personal interest in weight loss this course will provide you with all the necessary insights and training you will need to start your Weight Loss Coaching business.
About the Course
Our course is offered online so you can study at a flexible pace. It’s an easy to follow, progressive step by step curriculum to understanding weight gain in order to precipitate weight loss. It first focuses on the psychology behind overeating and why people trade food for comfort. This course is not a course based on the ‘eat less – exercise more’ model.
Our curriculum covers the following subjects:

Program Introduction
Module 2 Developing Positive Self Image
– Developing a Positive Self Image
– What is Self-Image
– How did our subconscious programming get there
– Actively Developing a Positive Self Image
– Initial Session Tools
Module 3 Holistic Weight Loss Coach
– Holistic Weight Loss Coach
– The Coach’s Job in the Weight Loss Process
– Understanding Weight Issues
– Why do people gain Weight
– Holistic Weight Management
– Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council
Module 4 Fundamentals of Goal Attainment
– Fundamentals of Goal Attainment
– Goal Defined
– The PPS Formula
– Long Term Versus Short Term Goals
– Goal Setting Tips
– The # 1 way to Keep Clients Happy
– 3 Natural Coaching Models
– Setting Goals during the Coaching Sessions
– Goal and Milestone Worksheet
– 13 Goal Setting Areas
Module 5 Affirmations
– Affirmations
– What are Affirmations
– How do Affirmations Work
– Why Use Affirmations
– The Process of beginning to use Affirmations
– Examples of Positive affirmations
– Rules to success with Affirmations
– What areas of our life can we use Affirmations in
Module 6 Stress Management
– Stress Management
– Weight Loss through Stress and Anxiety Management
– Cause and Effects of Stress
– Physiology of the flight or fight response
– How our bodies react during fight or flight
– Recognising Stress Signals
– Coping with Stress
– The Relaxation Response
– Steps to Elicit the Relaxation Response
– Stress Management Journal
– Stress Management Quiz
Module 7 Action Plans
– Action Plans 101
– Designing the Action Plan
– Strategizing and Completing the Action Plan
– The 5 Ideas When Engaging in Strategic Planning
– Helpful Individual Client Questions
– Necessary Coach questions
Module 8 Coaching Process Overview
– Coaching Process Overview
– Increase Your Clients Commitment Level
– Preparing Yourself for the First Official Coaching Session
– Information You need from Clients
– Expectations for the Sessions
– Anticipate Questions
– Getting into the Zone
– Wrapping Up
– What your Client Needs to do Before Your First Coaching Session
– Client Welcome Pack Questionnaire
– Getting Started with a Business Coaching Relationship
Module 9 Addictions and obstacles
– Dealing with Obstacles
– Motivating Your Client
– How to Avoid Overeating
– Maintaining a Schedule is Key
– Dealing with Addictions
– Signs a Client Has an Addiction
– How Do You Coach a Client with Addictions
– Questions to Help Weaken the Addiction
– Daily Habits that Weaken the Addiction
– Journaling
Module 10 All About Diets
– All About Diets
– Diets That have to Go
– How to Choose Lifestyle Eating
– Tips for Eating Out
– The Most Effective Lifestyle Plans
– 3 Ways to Reduce Your Calorie Intake
– Calculating How Many Calories a Client Needs Per day
– Snack Ideas and More
– Best EASY Snacks for Weight Loss
– The BEST Dieting Substitutions
– Weight Loss Tips and Secrets
– The Very Best Weight Loss Secret
– How to Keep the Weight off When it’s Gone
Module 11 Obesity in Children and Teenagers
– Children, Youth and Diets
– Coaching Parents on How to Change a Child’s Weight
– Obesity and Children
– Encourage Children to Feel Their Feelings (and Not Eat to Avoid them)
– How to for Parents
– Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids
– Meditation for Children
– Emotional issues pertaining to Children and Teenagers

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