Chakra Balancing and Healing Self Help Course



Course Overview

The Road to Health and Happiness
We have all heard about our Chakras and their influence on us, but how do we access all this wonderful life supporting energy we have…………this course delivers all the answers and will have you balancing and experiencing this new found energy and happiness in no time.

Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This course offers you a unique way to Balance and Heal Chakras in a variety of ways to keep you in tip top condition. You will balance and restore good health to the body, relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself, vitalize the physical body and bring about the development and awareness of the self-consciousness bringing mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

The amazing thing when you start taking this course is that the changes start happening immediately as you being doing this work. You will start to feel better as we work through each of the energy centres.

  • Learn to manage and harness energy efficiently.
  • Learn about the 7 main Chakras and how they work
  • Learn the relaxation, balancing frequencies and guided meditation to heal and balance the Chakras
  • Create a home based business, if you wish to upgrade to the Practitioners Course
  • Experience the amazing empowerment you receive from this healing and balancing work
  • Feel joyful, happy and healthy
  • Cope better with day to day stresses and frustrations
  • Bring good health and vitality to yourself

In order to manage your energy effectively, it’s important that you understand how it works before you can transform it. One of the best ways to access this knowledge is by understanding your energy centres or your chakras. Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. Each chakra is associated with aspects of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The aim of this online course is to release energetic blockages and promote the good flow of energy and to harness optimum health for you to live your life in complete health and happiness.

The Course Covers

8 module course focusing on each Chakra so we understand what the influence that each Chakra has in our life.
7 x Connecting Meditations MP3 Audio’s for you to follow.
7 x Chakra balancing Frequency MP3Audios to listen to, balance each Chakra Separately.

1 x Relaxation Healing Guided Meditation Session

Take as long as you like to complete your course. This course makes a unique unforgettable gift from you to family, friends or colleagues to improve their day-to-day lives.

A Certificate of Completion is offered when you have finished this course from the Natura Institute.

Live life to the fullest enjoy the benefits of this course, feel revitalised and energised, less stressed and more able to cope with day to day stresses and problems. Balancing and Healing our Chakra’s brings many benefits to our health and wellbeing, improvements in all areas of life such as health and happiness, reduction in anxiety or panic attacks, lose weight or help gain healthy weight, deal with pain issues, self-esteem the list is endless…..start now empower yourself……..before you know it abundance, love and good energy will all be there for you.