Becoming Present in Your Life


Are you really present in your Life, or are you going through each day on autopilot! Struggling to get things done, never quite being where you want to be, or able to have the time to be with the kids, the family, your spouse or missing out on the entertainment that brings you joy and fulfilment.

In our hectic world, more of us are becoming aware of how little peace of mind we have. We run ourselves ragged to the point where we often don’t realise how we got from point A to point B. Depression and anxiety disorders are on the rise, and there seems to be no end to our rushing as a lifestyle set-point. But we know something needs to change.

“Mindfulness” has become a trendy buzz word found all over the Internet. But it’s much more than a trend. It works to bring peace and surrender to our busy minds and lives, and it has done this for centuries. It’s a way of living, in each moment. Being Present in Your Life. 

Included in this course:

Module 1
What is Mindfulness
Why is Mindfulness Important
1 x Video Becoming Present Introduction
1 x Video What is Mindfulness Anyway.

Module 2
Modern Mindfulness Struggles
1 x Video Why Practice Mindfulness

Module 3
Methods of Discovering Mindfulness
1 x Video Common Mindfulness Questions

Module 4
Methods of Discovering Mindfulness Cont.
1 x Video Mindfulness Questions Answered
1 x Video Practice Mindfulness Anywhere

Module 5
Methods of Discovering Mindfulness Cont.
1 x Video Debunking 5 Mindfulness Myths
1 x Video Mindfulness and Meditation

Module 6
Where to from here.
1 X Video Setting Up Your Meditation Space
1 x Video Take a Mindful Walk
Mindfulness Workbook

Who is this Course for:
If you are new to Mindfulness and looking for down to earth information
You are looking for the secrets to becoming Present in your life
You have heard about Mindfulness and want to know more
Your a practitioner and want some great material for your clients
Your looking to bring more peace and fulfilment into your life
You want to be a human Being and release the human Doing!
Your looking to live a more authentic life