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Hello and welcome to our Meditation E-course

During this course, we are going to look at some of the myths about Meditation and show you just how easy it is to Meditate and start enjoying the benefits.

As we go through the next 4 weeks I am going to give you a series of 5 - 15 minute meditations to do, focusing on some of the different aspects of why we do Meditation and we will see just how successful we can be at it.

I believe this short course will inspire you to a whole new feeling about Meditation and you’ll be hooked on it!!

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Meditation:

• A significant reduction of stress in your life
• Get in touch with your Higher Self
• A greater sense of calm and peacefulness
• More clarity of thought
• Greater self-confidence and improved self esteem
• A sense of physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
• Better sleep
• More physical energy
• Increased motivation
• Spiritual Awareness
• Improvements in general health
• Assistance in the treatment of illness and disease

With a benefits list like this one, there is just no reason to not jump in and do this short course, Meditation can really be life transforming and inspiring, so I am delighted to have you join us.

The Curriculum for our four week E-course:

Week 1:
• Preparing for Meditation Audio
• The Stages of The Mind, Relaxation
• Guided Relaxation, Guided Meditation Audio

Week 2:
Benefits You Experience & Rules of Meditation Module
Finding your Sacred Space Guided Meditation Audio

Week 3:
A Word of Warning, Religion and Meditation Module
Universal Love Guided Meditation

Week 4:
Walking Meditation and Meditation Styles Module
Peace and Love Guided Meditation Audio
Where to from here.

Fill in the subscribe to course form and Week 1 will immediately be sent to you, where we can begin our exploration of Meditation and start our first meditation together.


Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Coach and Energetic Healer

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Recent Testimonials from the Meditation Teachers Course

I thoroughly enjoyed everything I learned from this course. This has absolutely everything and more! I would recommend this to anyone looking to further their knowledge or starting a business with Meditation.


Excellent material. Very useful Audios for guided meditations.
very user friendly approach.

I had excellent feedback- constructive, motivating and anytime I had a question ( no matter how small or silly), Julie was always there to help & guide.

Nina Patel

I give this class a 5 * rating as I thought the material presented was very informative. Not only did I learn more that just the standard meditation techniques, I learned the background behind this amazing modality. This class was very well organized and Julie from Natura was very pleasant when answering/grading your assignments. I am very excited to add this meditation technique with my other spiritual modalities and I am grateful for finding this training institute

Julie Walsh
Heavenly Hollow
USA 2017