10 Ways To Find Your True Purpose In Life

When it comes to finding your mission in life, people tend to correlate it directly with their professional life, but this is actually not the right way to start with. By far the most important mission in your life is finding yourself: cure your inferiorities, improve what is not good, and feel amazing on your skin. Summarizing in one word: Evolve! We are all here to evolve and become a better person.


As we are commencing a new year soon, you can prepare yourself to start it on the right foot. Forget about the New Year’s resolutions with all that long lists of “do this”, “don’t do that” and promises that won’t last a week.


Having said that, the first step to find your true purpose in life is to dive deeper in your inner self.


I brought you the most important actions you should prioritize:


  1. Self-care – What are you doing to support your overall well-being on a day-to-day basis? Having time to take care of your physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, social, financial and psychological needs will dictate the pathway your life will take because it encompasses how you set up and follow your goals in all aspects of your life.  You can start evaluating your coping skills by examining your own habits and how you typically deal with life`s demands, then identify your self-care needs and barriers and areas for improvement.
  2. Healthy eating – Remember: you are what you eat. Not only a healthy diet gives you all nutrients your body needs, but also help you to learn heaps about yourself. It goes without saying that a healthy diet makes you feel good on your own skin, gives you energy, regulates weight, enhance mood and also make you save money.
  3. Meditation – The practice of meditation is already well known for all its benefits. But how it can support you on your journey of self-development? Meditation doesn’t hand you the answers on a plate, rather, it allows you to come up with the answers for yourself. The silence will make your heart speaks louder than your ego.
  4. Exercises: More than make you thin and fit; exercises are the answer to put you in contact with your body, which brings you knowledge. Speaking about myself, I found out so much about me when I started running 3 times a week: I learned to respect my body, to know my limits and also to empty my mind.
  5. Journaling – If you enjoy writing, here is your best friend. Writing down your feelings, thoughts and even activities and how they made you feel, helps you discover patterns and motivations.
  6. Courses, books, videos – Take courses about the subjects you are interested in and never had the opportunity to take, read books that help you know yourself better and watch videos with inspirational quotes and people. These actions will open up your mind to a whole new world.
  7. Step out of your comfort zone – how many awesome people you know that achieved great things staying in their comfort zone? It is basically impossible. In order to grow, you need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. You only reach great things in life doing things you have never done.
  8. Find people and situations that are aligned with your characteristics – Remember that you are the most 5 people you stay in touch so choose wisely. If you want to become more spiritual but instead of going to you daily yoga class, you are hanging out with people that love to get drunk, you won’t achieve what you are planning. When you start doing things aligned to your values, great people and situations start coming to you way.
  9. Personality tools – Taking personality tests can guide you to understand some characteristics and personalities that you may not even noticed. You should approach them critically and not try to bend yourself to fit them.
  10. Positive attitude – Be kind to everyone you meet, smile more, help other in your daily life. It does not make sense to desire to understand yourself, help other, save the world if you don’t even treat the people around you nicely and with respect. Everything is the energy you put into your life situations. Attitude and energy are the main things because they are how you in fact are leaving your life.


Hope these first steps to find your true passions and mission helped you. You can’t go wrong if you plan yourself and following each of these actions. I hope you live your live at fullest in this year to come!


Marcella Bade

Instagram: @marcellabade

January 12, 2019